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Building a garden? Need Compost? We got you covered!

Ours is more of a compost mulch. Light/woody… the majority of it is made with tree waste from land scape operations, with the addition of food scraps from the City of San Antonio composting program (10-20%). The facility which makes it is a massive operation with industrial machinery. The finished product has degraded substantially.

We use it as a mulch on the surface of our permanent in ground raised beds. After we’ve killed the weeds with tarps we apply a thick layer of compost mulch to the bed.

We transplant and direct seed straight into the mulch, which also prevents more weeds.

For our use it works great, and after a couple years of use, the soil looks like black gold!

To arrange pickup please email us:

Pickup through January will be Wednesday-Friday 9AM-5PM.

The price is $40/ cubic yard. We have a tractor to empty it into your pickup truck

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