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Microgreens are an amazing addition to any dish you want to make. Since you don’t need a lot of microgreens on a dish to add a punch full of flavor, you will find that your microgreens box will last a while. When purchased at the store, many microgreens will last up to a week. Dirt Candy Farm microgreens are harvested fresh weekly, and when stored in a refrigerator (35-40 degrees F), they should last 2 weeks + when the container is properly sealed. After you bring them home, make sure to immediately store them in your refrigerator. To liven them up after storage in your crisper, you can spray them with a little ice cold water or keep a moist paper towel/cloth with them. Keeping the container sealed properly will ensure the longest possible quality. Our microgreens are grown inside of our nursery, watered from above by hand, and contact with soil is minimal/non existent. They are clean, but it is always a good idea to wash your produce before cooking/eating it.

Want to ensure your weekly supply of microgreens?

Consider pre-ordering them from us for a quick pickup experience.


1. Use them as toppings on everything!

Enjoying them on everything including, sandwiches, salads, burgers, and tacos, ensures you give off the appearance you know what your doing in the kitchen ;) Add them to anything you can imagine, and anything that calls for fresh herbs/greens.

2. Salad!

Using such small leafs to make a salad may seem strange, but mixing varieties together and adding olive oil and balsamic vinegar with a little sea salt is an amazing way to enjoy microgreens. The powerful taste of fresh living microgreens can be surprising. If you want to combine microgreens with salads using larger leafs, go for it. Some people like to just throw them in (stem and all), while others prefer to chop them into smaller pieces reducing the length of the stem (but still including the stems for their nice crunch).

3. All egg dishes!

Adding microgreens after you are done cooking/heating eggs ensures the greens don’t wilt (microgreens are very tender). Adding microgreens in an omelette, or on top of any other egg related dish will brighten up/complement all egg dishes.


Below you will find some recipe ideas for using microgreens. Clicking on the photos will take you to that specific recipe page. There are many other recipes available online giving specific info. Just search the one you want to try, and a dozen should pop up. Also, below the recipes are some links which include some other recipe ideas! When ever you make a dish using Dirt Candy Farm microgreens/ingredients make sure to snap a photo and tag us on Facebook/Instagram. We greatly appreciate you sharing all of your creations for us to use on social media! Feel free to use the hashtags #dirtcandyfarm #farmingisrebellion

Avocado/Tomato Toast With Microgreens

  1. Pasta & Microgreens

  2. Microgreen Salad

  3. Sandwiches with Microgreens

  4. Vegetable bowls with Microgreens

  5. Microgreens in Smoothies

  6. Juicing Microgreens

  7. Stir fry & Microgreens

  8. Pesto from Microgreens

  9. Microgreen Sides

  10. Wraps/tacos with Microgreens

  11. Eggs & Microgreens

  12. Pizza & Microgreens

  13. Microgreen Soup


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