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Mighty Microgreens

At Dirt Candy Farm, we know that health is wealth, which is why we're passionate about cultivating microgreens. These tiny powerhouses aren't just flavorful and vibrant; they're also packed with nutrients that promote well-being. Versatile and easy to incorporate into any meal, microgreens add a nutritious boost to your culinary creations.

What are mircogreens?

Our microgreens are available at Brookshire Brothers in Wimberley, farmers markets, the farm stand, and as a weekly subscription.

Microgreens are young sprouted vegetable greens approximately 1-3 inches tall, with aromatic flavor, and a dense nutrient content. In fact, when compared to the same mature greens, the nutrient content of microgreens is higher.

Research comparing microgreens to mature greens has found that 9 times more nutrients exist in microgreens. They are packed with plant compounds, antioxidants, and nutrients like potassium, iron, zinc, magnesium, and copper. Since the consumption of vegetables is linked to the lowered risk of disease (heart disease, Alzheimer’s, diabetes, cancers…) microgreens, with their higher nutrient content, are a valued addition to ones diet.

Microgreens are young/baby plants lying somewhere between sprouts and baby greens. Sprouts are harvested sooner (2-7 days) than microgreens (10-20 days). Microgreens are harvested after their first true leaves have appeared. 

Microgreens can be incorporated into many types of dishes. Some ways to use them include:

• Filler in wraps & sandwiches 

• Mixed into salads

• Blended into smoothies or juiced (wheatgrass is a popular Microgreen juice)

• Garnishes on main dishes (soup, curry, pizza…)

• With all egg dishes


At Dirt Candy Farm in Central Texas, we grow microgreens in our nursery/greenhouse on a weekly basis. Currently we have grow radish, mustard (spicy), broccoli, pea, and sunflower. We sell locally to businesses in Wimberley and Austin as well as at farmers markets.

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