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The Dirt Candy Farm Crew


We are always looking for good people. Keep scrolling for Volunteer opportunities and more info.

“We have neglected the truth that a good farmer is a craftsman of the highest order, a kind of artist.”

Wendell Berry


We are healers, surfers, former restauranteurs—now dedicated to tending the land.

The work is challenging but deeply rewarding. There is no greater satisfaction than planting a seed, nurturing the land, and witnessing life spring forth. Our farm ethos is simple: rebels through growing fresh food, authentic living, and tending the earth. Our team is expanding. Are you the next member to join us?




Consistent volunteers for 1-2 days per week are welcome to contact us. We prefer a commitment of at least 2 months to learn our practices. Tasks include harvesting, washing/packing, bed building, weeding, seeding, transplanting, planting, digging, and raking. Our work is methodical and requires patience, heavy lifting, and exertion. We work from 7:00AM-12:00PM on designated volunteer days (please inquire). Ages 16 and above are welcome. Stay tuned for our monthly family day for younger gardeners by following us on social media!



We provide a Farm Apprenticeship for those wanting to live at Dirt Candy Farm and engage in our daily operations. In exchange for 5 days of full-time work per week, we offer accommodation in one of our trailers and fresh produce from the farm. This work-trade opportunity requires a 4-6 month commitment with monthly reviews. It's ideal for young farmers or growers aspiring to enter the agriculture industry. If you're serious about learning to farm, homesteading, and living a more land-connected life, we'd love to hear from you! Please click here to find our Google Docs folder, read the description, and if interested, complete the form. We'll be in touch soon!


Van Lifer

Are you a traveler or living in your vehicle? Interested in staying in Wimberley, TX? If you live in your vehicle and are looking for a minimum one-month stay, we'd love to host you. We provide a private parking/sleeping space, water access, and a relaxing environment. If you're interested in working a few days a week on the farm in exchange for a spot to boon dock, please get in touch!


Full + Part Time Paid Positions

We are always looking for good people to fill full/part time positions. Feel free to use the contact form on the say hello page if you have an idea for a collaboration.

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