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Rebellion starts with the soil.

We cultivate using holistic practices that nourish both people and the earth. Our diverse crops which include Daikon Radish, Armenian Yard Long Cucumber, Israeli Cantaloupe, Heirloom Tomatoes, Bush Scallop Squash, Chiogga Beet, Scarlet Nantes Carrot, Microgreens and more, are grown using no-till, cover cropping, crop rotation, and composting, in honor of mother earths natural processes. Health is wealth, so we grow food we want to eat.

We have high hopes for our 51 ace Hill Country homestead. Visit Dirt Candy Farm and shop the farm stand and mercantile, stay in our Airbnbs, and soon enjoy our lakeside spa.

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Our Team.

Farming is an all-hands-on-deck endeavor, requiring hard work and a deep sense of fortitude.

At Dirt Candy Farm, we are proud to have a team that embodies these values, ensuring the journey your food takes from soil to table is as direct to the end consumer as possible. 

Each member of our team plays a crucial role in our farm's success, whether it's cultivating the garden, seeding new crops, washing/packaging harvests, maintaining infrastructure, keeping the community up to date on social media, or ensuring that our guests have a wonderful experience during their stay.


We are united by a passion for regenerative farming and a commitment to leaving the earth better than we found it. Together, we work tirelessly to grow and provide quality organiK (*K = know your farmer) produce, connecting you with the food you eat and the land it comes from. Get to know the faces behind your food and the hearts behind our farm.

Meet The Team


Mitch Cutler

Mitch's journey began in 1970s Montreal, Canada, raised in a home for free thinkers by his parents Arn Cutler & Zin Barn, alongside sister Randy. His education at Talmud Torah sparked a fascination with ancestral wisdom. After McGill University, where he studied Art History, Mitch spent over 25 years in the San Francisco Bay Area restaurant scene, achieving a N.Y. Times Top 100 Restaurant & multiple Wine Spectator awards. A 2010 battle with Prostate Cancer led him to pursue a Masters Degree in Spiritual Nutrition from UCSF under Dr. Gabriel Cousens. Inspired by a prophetic dream from daughter Ali Tate, the family relocated to Texas Hill Country, where they welcomed a new addition and began building a new world.


Sky Cutler
Lead Farmer

Sky grew up in Silicon Valley, California, As a child his crib was in the kitchen of his families restaurant. After earning a BA in Hospitality Management from Florida Atlantic University, he traveled abroad for what was intended to be a year, but turned into eight + years living in Bali, Indonesia, managing hospitality venues. Returning to the US just before the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020, he witnessed the food system collapse and knew he had to be apart of the 'new earth.' Transitioning from hospitality to agriculture, led him to work on farms, and eventually establish Dirt Candy Farm with his family.  When not in the garden, Sky enjoys working out, spending time with family, and planning his next surf adventure.


Seth Ruggiero
Farm Manager

Seth Ruggiero has been living and working at Dirt Candy Farm since April, 2023. In the decade prior, he traveled the country mentoring kids as a wilderness therapy survival guide and carpentry instructor. He was also a lead artisan baker at a well-known Austin bakery and, most recently, an herbalist's assistant right here in Wimberley. Seth brings almost two years of organic farming experience to Dirt Candy Farm. He also enjoys reading, writing, and spending time with his three-year-old daughter and aspiring farmer, Penelope, along with his two dogs, Martin and Millie.


At Dirt Candy Farm, we embody a spirit of defiance and purpose, echoing the rebellious spirit of Texas and the timeless wisdom of the land. Farming for us is not merely a vocation; it's a revolution—a stand against the long-standing destructive practices that have scarred our soil and society.

We draw strength from our ancestors, who honored the Earth as a living being deserving reverence, not exploitation. Through regenerative farming, we honor this ethos, recognizing that soil health is the bedrock of all life.

With our hands as tools and our hearts as compasses, we collaborate with nature, employing techniques that enrich the soil, conserve water, and foster biodiversity.

Our commitment is to leave the land better than we found it, a gift for future generations.

​Our rebellion extends beyond the soil to the very food on your plate.

Our intention is to create a food sovereign community here in Wimberley. While doing this we hope to train other passionate individuals to do the same in their own communities across the globe. Not only are food sovereign communities more resilient when times are tough, but they empower individuals and communities to regain control over our food systems. By growing our own food or supporting local farmers, people break free from the corporate stranglehold on their diets, asserting their right to determine what they eat and where it comes from.

We champion transparency, advocating for a connection between farmer and consumer. That's why we grow organiKally, without synthetic chemicals or GMOs, because we believe that healthy/nutritious food is a necessity. 

Join us in our defiance. Support local farmers. Embrace regenerative, organik* food. Together, we can sow the wild seeds of change, cultivating a better world, one harvest at a time.

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